sara miriam (deehazel) wrote in thriftygoth,
sara miriam

help me clear out all this stuff! MAKE AN OFFER! I LOVE TRADES!

a PAIR of plugs just like this one but in RED AND BLACK!
in 7/16"-

they are brand new, give me a decent offer.
please, thanks :)

cherries top from stradivarius, size M - could fit a L.

yellow striped shirt.
worn a couple of times but good condition.

white little jacket (whats the name of this things? lol i cant remember) from NBC.
a gift from my sister but i dont like this kinds of jackets and the color white.

size european 38
brand new.

my melody bag, brand new

random bits

skull charm
heart charm
little cross charm
majohng piece charm
cherry ear studs
green skull studs
black necklace with strawberries

the birds earrings are gone!

skulls belt, worn once

80's scarf -

striped yellow and black beanie hat from H&M, new -

awesome pink and black argyle jacket.
mint condition.
size M/L

brown shirt from blanco.
worn a couple of times but excelent condition.

awesome ribcage tshirt. (has print on the back too)
only worn once.
good offers as it was expensive

assortment of hairbands.

orange striped tshirt from Zara, size Small/Medium
make an offer

vestido preto lindo, tamnho L.
usado algumas vezes mas como emagreci fica me grande.

amazing black dress (it kinda feels like its satin?im terrible with materials sorry)
cost me a fortune! only worn like 3 times.
unfortunately i lost some weight and it looks too big on me!
must fit a size 10-12 if im not mistaken.

2 leopard furry fabric pieces. accept offers

bunnies top from oysho- i loveee it, but only wore it once.
was expensive

bought online but its a bit tight on me!
size 38

long striped tunic/dress - bought but only worn once.
size 38.
dont want much

striped green shirt from bershka.
is really cute and long.
good offers :)

cherries socks, i love them (only tried, washed , perfect condition) but they're a bit tight on me

4g red plugs

porta moedas H&M
mala c gato

skulls coin purse from H&M
cat bag, brand new

pink and white and black shirt, used twice, very warmy and cute :)

blue clutch from Blanco

hoodie da H&M tamanho 40

vestido de leopardo, vintage, muito giro, mas ja tenho um parecido (too many leopard stuff :P)

vestido de pele preto, muito bom estado -

100% naughty shirt, only worn once, size S

colar bordeaux, lindissimo e novo

mini cameo skirt, the black part can be folded so it can be shorter.
size 38-40

polkadot belt

awesome tartan green mini skirt with black vinil on it, bit longer on the sides making it very original, only worn once.
size 38. (will fit a size 40 too i think)

hello kitty backpack

striped black and white shirt, worn 2 times.

camisola riscas brancas e vermelhas, usada 2 vezes.

black vinil (if it isnt vinil, it sure does look a like lol) dress, id say a size L/XL.

yellow polkadot top, worn 2 times, size L

smashing pumpkings greatest hits cd includes a b side and rarities cd.

grey high heel shoes

i trade
everything negotiable

lot of beads and charms

lady shrine necklace

scarf made by me and help of my mom

tshirt branca com folhos e "suspensorios".

n sei bem o nome que se da a isto lol mas pra pendurar em qq lado, c uma bruxinha e gato, criaçao da minha tia :)
aceita ofertas

black top with red spiderweb made by me and only worn it once. sorry for the bad pic.
camisola preta com teia de aranha vermelha, feita por mim, usada uma vez
tam L.

the smallest ones - 4€ / 5.44$ / 2.72£ with shipping included!
the bigger ones (first cat/butterflies/cat face) - 5€ / 6.8$ / 3.4£ with shipping included!
all pins

strawberry totebag

mala de morangos

kings heart necklace

top preto (cavado nas costas) com rendinha e laço de fita metrica com botao coraçao no meio. pode ser feito mais.

black top made by me, with a measuring tape bow.

tshirt preta com rendinha e coraçao (ficou mt mal devido a foto desculpem, mas asseguro vos que ficou muito bem feito), peça unica.


all pins

the skull one is gone.
CAN BE remade :)

arent they the cutest?

skull and dices tote, made by me.
i can make more, with anything on it (examples : skulls/cherries/stars/cartoons/names of bands-movies/etc)

mala com caveiras e dados, feita por mim
posso fazer mais, com qualquer coisa (exemplos : caveiras/cerejas/estrelas/cartoons/nomes de bandas-filmes etc)


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